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The electric guitar is perhaps the most emotive of instruments and has been used as the backbone of musical compositions for hundreds of years. Where would The Beatles be without the familiar ring of their jangly riffs and where would The Rolling Stones be now if they did not use electric instruments?

The Electric guitar also forged new types of music such as Heavy Metal, Thrash and Punk. The heavy distorted sound of the wailing electric guitar solo can be heard throughout the last 50 years from experts such as Jimmy Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Steve Vai, Carlos Santana and more recently bands such as The White Stripes.

The Rock Guitar continues to be an evolving sound, perfected by many musicians striving to create a new sound in a flooded market.

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There is so much history behind the Rock Guitar. From the birth of the blues, the emergence of rock and roll, punk, thrash, pop - it has spanned the ages casting influence on all who play the guitar and hear its music.

Buy A Rock Guitar and own a piece of history.

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